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Student spotlight...
There is so much fantastic work being produced that I just wanted to share it with everyone!

It's just one big show'n'tell!

Attending class for: 1 year      "Kate's course  has re-inspired my enthusiasm and given new direction to my techniques."
Favourite technique: I love dyeing and printing, particularly making my own print blocks and doing Gelli plate and Thermofax printing...it is completely addictive!! 
Previous art/textiles experience: I joined a Patchwork and Quilting group over twenty years ago and made quilts .
I then did City and guilds in both Patchwork and Machine embroidery which started me on a more mixed media approach. I also did several years of creative sketchbook work.

Likes:  I am also a keen knitter and enjoy Tai Chi and Yoga.
I like slow stitching with things like felt and blanket and love the meditative aspect of this.

​Inspired by Michael Morgan, I've been working on a piece about Alaskan glaciers and the waters
around them using dyed wadding as a background, then stitching and overlaying printed and dyed fabric.

Attending class for: 1 year 
Previous art/textiles experience: I’ve been doing Patchwork and quilting since 1992 and in the past have dabbled with dying and silk painting before coming to Kate’s classes.

Favourite technique: So far my favourite techniques have been Gel Plate printing and breakdown printing and I am enjoying experimenting  using  foliage and items from my garden in the prints. I’d like to dye and embellish larger pieces of fabric to use in my clothing, bags etc       
Likes:  Apart from Patchwork and quilting, I’m a keen gardener and have my own Arabian horse called Prophet.

I've been working on a landscape based on the Botallack Mine in Cornwall. I've used dyed wadding as the background, rust dyed fabric for the cliffs and procion dyed cloth and scrim. I've added detail by machine and hand embroidery.

Attending class for: 1 year                               
Previous art/textiles experience: 
Favourite technique:                                              

This is my first ever piece!

I've stencilled on the tree and then couched it.
The plants are stencilled and thermofax printed.
I then added details with hand embroidery.
The bricks are rust dyed  scrim.
The birds are printed on lutradur, then stitched on.
It was a steep learning curve - but I've had very positive feedback!

Attending class for: 2 years                             
Previous art/textiles experience: Dressmaking and sewing
Favourite technique:                                              
Likes:  My rescue dogs

This cushion is inspired by recent textile collage work I've seen. I had no idea when I started this project that it would take this direction! It's a new adventure - with lots of bright colour and new ideas to shake things up abit. 

Gill O
Attending class for: 2 years                             
Previous art/textiles experience: Many years of sewing
Favourite technique:                                              
Likes:  My vintage campervan, running and spin class

I've really enjoyed working in my sketchbook this year and collecting inspiration and developing ideas...  this class has been an opportunity to have a bit of fun and not stress about the outcome!

Attending class for: 2 years                             
Previous art/textiles experience: 
Favourite technique:                                              

'Hector' is an appliqué made from fabric decorated in many different ways... some rust dyed, some procion dyed, some marbled. I'm stitching him onto Hessian to hang in our farmhouse.

Jill B
Attending class for: 1 year                           
Previous art/textiles experience: 
Favourite technique:                                              

This is my first piece - which is inspired by
a Michael Morgan painting. I have used
procion dyed wadding and fabric, as well
as rust dyed cloth for the boardwalk and

The far piece is gel-plate printed using foliage found locally.

Attending class for: 1 year   
Previous art/textiles experience: Have sewn, knitted and done various crafts since I was about 5. Did dress making in my teens and moved on to home furnishings when I got my own place. I also enjoy watercolour painting and drawing.

Favourite technique: An impossible question.  At the moment I enjoy incorporating small pieces of my dyed and printed stash into other projects like my Christmas table mats and Bookfolding. 
Likes:  Anything creative as long as I don’t get my hands too dirty!
Not only is this my first piece of mixed media collage work it is also on a much larger scale than I usually work.  Unable to decide on one image to inspire me it is based on the lavender fields of both Italy and Snowshill!!  I hope to finish the piece in
time for my village Craft Show.